Only A Game Feature on Champlain College Athletics (2020.23.7)

Recording of Only A Game program broadcast on Vermont Public Radio on February 2, 2002, featuring a segment on Champlain College's elimination of varsity sports programs in favor of intramural athletics, from 26:30 to 36:16. Reporter Karen Given interviews multiple Champlain College employees and students at a basketball practice at Memorial Auditorium, intramural hockey practice, and intramural volleyball game at the Burlington YMCA. Speakers consist of men's basketball coach William (Bill) Tipson, basketball team member Drew Skeeter, Class of 2003, student hockey player Ashley LeBlanc, hockey coach and accounting professor David Mona, Vice President for Student Services Kay Kennedy, Recreation Coordinator Jenna Knox, Recreation Coordinator, and Patrick Garrity of the Burlington Free Press. Total run time: 36:16.
Publication date: 1 October 2020